Successfully join, you can enjoy the advantages of 6 major terminal joining
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Qingdong for the national recruitment terminal store

From 2013, qidong will stop all levels of agents nationwide and recruit terminal stores nationwide. Join successfully, you can enjoy 6 terminal join advantages, specific join standard is as follows:


The operating area of physical stores shall not be less than 30 square meters.


Physical stores have computer office equipment.


Experience in managing and selling luya fishing tackle.


Legal operation, business license, tax registration certificate and organization code certificate are required.


 A group of regular members is required.


Activities shall be carried out on a regular basis. The number of activities shall not be less than 3 times per year, and the number of participants shall not be less than 20.

Professional online ordering system

Real-time query of own purchases, sales, inventory and sales in previous years

In 2012, qidong established a strategic partnership with a professional software developer. The developer customized a professional online ordering system for the franchisee to place orders online. As long as terminal merchants input their own exclusive account into the system, they can easily place orders, which can relieve the efficiency of placing orders through telephone communication and improve the service efficiency of qidong. In addition, the terminal business can real-time query their own purchase quantity, sales volume, inventory and previous sales situation through the system, to facilitate the accurate development of the annual sales plan, increase the turnover.

Zero risk business model

Qidong terminal business to join the network to provide convenient exchange service, the global terminal business will be their own unmarketable goods into popular goods, for the vast number of terminal business opened a risk-free business trip.

Exclusive customer service specialist

From the investment -- join -- accept orders -- after-sales service one-stop process, qidong will provide each terminal business to join the exclusive customer service commissioner, for the terminal business real-time answer all kinds of product problems, so that it can enjoy the best quality service.

Multi-channel marketing and publicity support

In the marketing and publicity link, qidong will conduct all-round publicity for the franchisee terminal business on the official website, official microblog and other channels, in order to improve their popularity and win the favor of consumers. The excellent marketing team of qidong will also provide marketing support for the majority of terminal business through various forms of terminal activities and lead them to achieve high sales performance.

Manage a fair and orderly market

Qingdong franchisee terminal business needs to go through a strict review process, each terminal business is the legitimate operator, to eliminate the runaway goods, prices and other chaos of the market situation, control a fair and orderly market competition environment, so that the emperor fundamentally protect the fundamental interests of each terminal business franchisee.

Talent introduction and product development guarantee

In terms of talent introduction and product research and development, qidong cooperated with quanzhou minnan institute of technology and other universities, which regularly sent various high-end talents and customized product research and development technology programs to qidong, laying a solid foundation for the development, design, production and sales team of qidong.






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